Third world of countries have Nike factories for workers to produce new shoes. In some countries, Nike’s wages have various to pay for workers to earn low wages that you imagined. Today, workers in Nike USA earn more money than other countries to keep working in Nike factories.

Indonesia: $2.46 a day

About 10,000 Indonesians were mad of wages and need to gain more wages in protest what they have work harder.

“If I don’t work overtime, I can’t survive,” says Baltazar at PT Hasi Nike factory in Jakarta. He works an average of 40 overtime hours a week.

Vietnam: $l.60 a day

1,300 Vietnamese workers at the Sam Yang factory were furious that they demanded a one cent per hour raise in wages.

Chinese: $1.75 a day

In China, there is no minimum wage for workers to earn and maybe they worked harder and suffer to earn at flat rate of wages.

“The supervisors will get nervous and move the work to another province. It’s impossible to monitor factory conditions,” says Asia Monitor Resource Center in Hong Kong.

When you go to the shoe stores. Shoes priced between $20 to $200 roughly. You imagined that you already pay over $100 for shoes that cost less than workers earned five dollars a day to make new shoes in factory!